How to Get a Positive Mathematical Expectation at an Australian Online Casino

Almost any gambling game with bets has an opportunity to receive a big win. To hit the jackpot is the number one goal for many Australian players. For this, they developed universal strategies that significantly increase the chance of winning.

Practical Tips for Winning

To win at gambling, you shouldn’t rely solely on a particular plan. Banal luck also plays an important role in the struggle for a win. Therefore, experienced players recommend adhering to the following rules, which won’t allow luck to bypass you:

  1. There’s no need to be superstitious and avoid certain numbers, for example, 666 or 13. These numbers have an equal chance of success and ignoring them will most likely bring victory to another person.
  2. Check out the history of the last big win in a game. In the case of hitting the jackpot in the previous game, the chance that the pot will fall out in the current one is practically zero.
  3. Mix numbers in each batch of games. For example, a bet on a sequence of numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 is less likely to bring you success, compared to the combination 1, 5, 14, 18, 21, 26, which involved almost all groups of sectors with an even and odd value.
  4. It’s worth listening to your intuition especially if you have been gambling for a long time and your inner voice has rarely been wrong.

Bet Amounts

Not so long ago such a term as money management appeared in gambling. Its essence lies in the application of the optimal rate that will be comfortable for your deposit. At the same time, comfort means 1-3% of the bet amount from the total deposit. Thus, with a streak of 10 defeats, you will only lose 10% of your deposit.

Considering that compliance with the money management rules significantly increases the number of available bets, then this increases the chances of winning the jackpot. In most cases, a major player’s victory is available only after a series of prolonged defeats.

Calculation of Losses

To calculate what bet is optimal to place in a slot machine, use a simple formula:

B = D × 0.01, where B is the size of the bet, D is your deposit, 0.01 is the allowable percentage of the bet from your deposit.

At the same time, it should be assumed that in the case of winnings, your deposit will increase in the same way as the size of the bet. Mathematical calculations show that in this situation, the player’s bank can withstand a series of 100 constant failures. And this is enough to wait for the main jackpot of the game.

Thus, despite the simplicity of the strategies, using them in practice doesn’t guarantee you a 100% win and a permanent positive account balance. But if you don’t get excited, you will be provided with a significant advantage.

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